Frequently Asked Questions about Rho Pi Gamma:

What is Rho Pi Gamma?: Rho Pi Gamma is a podcast started up to bring helpful gaming tips and news to the gamers of the world. It was started by Byron Clark, a gamer of over 14 years. For more info, please see our About Us Page

No, I mean, what is Rho Pi Gamma? As in the name?: Oh, that. Rho Pi Gamma, in the Greek Alphabet, stands for R P G, which in turn stands for Role Playing Game.

What can I expect from Rho Pi Gamma?: Player Tips, GM Tips, Game Reviews, Interviews, Answering Rules Questions and E-mails and general hilarity and fun will be had on the Rho Pi Gamma Podcast! And hopefully a few surprises and evern more new gaming stuff will be happening as we get better at this!

When can I expect Rho Pi Gamma?: Right now we do not have a release date or schedule for the Podcast, but we are hoping to have them out soon and weekly!

I’ve got some suggestions or requests for stuff I’d like for you to do, how do I let you know?: There are two ways you can do this: 1) post in the Suggestions part of the blog, 2) E-mail me with either Suggestion or Request in the Subject Line at GMrhopigamma@gmail.com Please keep in mind, that though I’ll read each and every suggestion or request, it may take some time to get to them on the Podcast.

You said you will be answering E-mails and Gaming Questions, where do I send those to?: You can send those to my E-mail at GMrhopigamma@gmail.com and please put Questions in the Subject Line. I’ll take any Gaming related questions both idea and rules related and for any system. Please keep in mind that, though I’ll read each and every question, it may take some time to get to them on the Podcast.

Can I be a Guest Co-Host?: Though I have a wonderful and lovely Co-Host right now, I may start taking up “applications” for Co-Hosts or Special Guests for Rho Pi Gamma. For now, follow the instructions above for Suggestions and Requests, please.

Can I be interviewed?: I am looking for Industry people and Hard Core Gamers to interview on Rho Pi Gamma. If you are interested, please E-mail me at GMrhopigamma@gmail.com with Interview in the Subject Line and please list out your name and some info about yourself and connections to gaming in the E-mail. Please keep in mind that, though I’ll read each and every Interview Request, it may take some time to get back to you about it.

More to come…

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