Season 01 Archive

Season 01 Archive Page

Episode 001: Open D6 Resurrection Project

Episode 002: Relationships In and Out of Character

Episode 004: Mass Battles

Episode 005: Memorable Characters

Episode 006: Interview with Howard Brandon

Episode 007: Interview with Karen Farr

Episode 008: Review of RPTools and Fantasy Grounds

Episode 009: War Stories with Cyrus

Episode 010: War Stories with Howard

Episode 011: War Stories with Sarah and JD

Episode 012: War Stories with Scoville

Episode 013: Special Birthday Episode!

Episode 014: Exalted Reviewed

Episode 015: Interview with Chris Salow

Episode 016: Star Trek: TNG RPG Reviewed

Episode 017: Interview with Nichole (Puff!)

Episode 018: Review of BESM

Episode 019: Debate over the Role-Playing Stigma

Episode 020: Cinematic vs. Realistic in Role-Playing

Episode 021: Respect

Episode 022: Feed Your Gamers!

Episode 023: Gaming in something that has a Strong Canon

Episode 024: Dealing with Character Death

Episode 025: Taking a Break in a Game…

Episode 026: Fudging Rolls/Rules

Episode 028: Girl Gamers

Episode 029: Rules Systems Changing Over Time

Episode 030: Character Vices

Episode 031: How to Start a Gaming Session

Episode 032: Dealing with military structure…

Episode 033: Marathon Gaming

Episode 034: Marathon Gaming

Episode 035: Interview with Pete Cakebread

Episode 036: What really kills a game…

Episode 037: Convention Gaming

Episode 038: Post Convention

Episode 039: Dealing with Non-Combat Characters

Episode 040: An Intro to Miniatures

Episode 041: Season Finale!


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