Rho Pi Gamma, Season 6, Episode 006: Hodgepodge of things!

Greetings Gamers! Sorry we’re late with posting this week’s episode, but we had some technical difficulties and then this weekend got CRAZY for me, which has delayed things for us. But, we’re here and we have a hodgepodge mess for you this week! We go over the most popular games being played on Roll20.net, how the Girl Scouts are starting to accept Table-Top RPG’s, and where the responsibilities of the Players and the GM lie with the game.

There is a lot of laughs, coughs, and overall merriment to be had, so come join us! You might learn something, too!


MP3: Season 6, Episode 006 MP3

Helpful Links: 5E Most Played Game on Roll20.net, Legends & Scouts, Dungeon Scouts (Girl Scouts and Table-Top Gaming)

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


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