Rho Pi Gamma, Season 6, Episode 002: Game/Life Balance

Greetings Gamers! This week, we discuss the great and delicate balance between Gaming and Real Life. Specifically, trying to find time for gaming while you go through the doldrums of real life (i.e. Work, Family, Kids, etc.).

Howard and I discuss how our lives have changed from the beginnings of our gaming careers in high school all the way up to today and how we manage our real world obligations and our love of the dice and screens.

Also, I realize that the audio is a little off. I had to record a different way than usual and I apparently didn’t have the settings just right. My voice recorded on the Left Channel, and Howard’s on the Right. I apologize for this and hope to have it fixed by next week’s episode!


MP3: Season 6, Episode 002 MP3

Helpful Links: Epic Level Gaming: 10 Sins of Players

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


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