Season 5, Episode 000: An Ending, a Beginning…

Greetings Gamers! The GM Screen is set up, the Maps are being drawn, the Dice are in our hands, the last touches of our Character Sheets are beings penciled in, and we wait with bated breath for the Game Master to start…

All of you are familiar with this, I’m sure. The anticipation for a new beginning, a new start.

That is what’s going on here at Rho Pi Gamma! We’ve got some BIG changes for Season 5! Some of which, we weren’t originally planning when we ended Season 4.

As such, we had already recorded the Season 5 Opener, finishing up the Shaintar Game that Howard had started running for us in our Season 4 Finale.

So here is the Final half of the gaming session. I’m logging this episode as Season 5, Episode 0, because of the new things going on for Season 5.


Since we’ve done a server move as well, and are having some issues with the new one, the link is to download the episode (and not just out right play it, like normal). I apologies for that, but it’s the best I can do right now.

We’ll be back, in full force, for Season 5 in May! See you then!

Month’s Theme: Change

Weekly Theme: Beginning of Season 5!

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Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!




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