Season 4, Episode 022: Themes in Gaming

Greetings Gamers! This week we take what was suppose to be a minor topic and really get in depth, exploring the heart of gaming. Identifying, coming up with, and using Themes in your adventures and campaigns. I originally thought of this topic on a whim just to have something for this week, but I really like how this worked out. We got really deep and philosophical on this one. All in all, a good episode!


Month’s Theme: ???

Weekly Theme: Themes in Gaming

Helpful Links: None

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 4, Episode 022: Themes in Gaming”

  1. I think you guys need to stop worrying about a time limit. I know the point of it, but if you have a good topic, or interviewee, just let it roll. I think that what makes this podcast so great is that, while you joke about it, you go on tangents (game related of course). Tangents are what makes this podcast cool. Going well over your “time limit” make up for the “sorry for the short episode” (::cough:: AnimeUSA ::cough::).

    Additionally, I’m really enjoying the three person format. Cohort Howard is a great addition to the episodic team, especially since Liz has taken on a more “silent partner” role (I mean no offense Liz — speak up though; though your GM experiecne is less than both Byron’s and Howard’s, as a GAMER I know you have more to contribute. Plus you can use this angle to play off the others, as yuo can say, “I don’t think that worked, here’s why,” or “Why didn’t you do it this way?” You can field a lot of questions that we the listner may want to ask, but not have time to post a response. And

    Byron, I know this is your podcast, and forgive me for syaing this, because the wrath of a GM is mighty indeed, but PLEASE stop interrupting people while they talk. I know you have questions, or your own perspective on a topic, but let people finish their thoughts. Your input is definitely important, but write it down while you talk. Take notes if necessary. I believe if you do you’ll get more out of the topics than you realize.

    These are just MY thoughts and opinions, please only take it as thus.

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