Season 4, Episode 002: First Time GMing – Planning the 1st Adventure

Greetings Gamers! Continuing with our First Time GMing tips for the month of May, this week, we go over Planning the 1st Adventure with our Cohort Howard’s Method of Creating Adventures: A Series of Unfortunate Events! This is a quick, easy way Howard has come up with to create any adventure for any game or system and we think it’d be a great help for any GM, old or new.


Month’s Theme: First Time GMing
Weekly Theme: Planning the 1st Adventure
Helpful Links: None

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


3 Responses to “Season 4, Episode 002: First Time GMing – Planning the 1st Adventure”

  1. your link doesn’t work: The requested URL /RhoPiGamma/RhoPiGammaSn4Ep002.mp3 was not found on this server.

  2. “Create specific encounters […] each tied specifically into one player character and their unique skills and abilities”.

    I used to make use of that method. But I didn’t develop it to help kickstart my creativity or to promote the player characters taking turns under the limelights. I came up with it to make the players miss the characters of the other players that didn’t show up for the game. Despicable me…

    It was really interesting watching them in those situations. Because players always came up with completely unexpected strategies to solve challenges for which their characters lacked specific skills to beat.

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