Season 4, Episode 001: First Time GMing – Knowing Your Group

Greetings Gamers! Sorry about the delay. Had a bit of an argument with WordPress as to difference between draft and scheduled post… looks like I lost. But anyway, WE ARE BACK! We are kicking off our first month of our new season by going over some tips, tactics, and pit falls of First Time GM’s! This week, we go over Knowing your Group!

Hope you like some of the new changes to Rho Pi Gamma this season, and we’ll have a few more as the year goes!


Month’s Theme: First Time GMing
Weekly Theme: Knowing Your Group
Helpful Links: None

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 4, Episode 001: First Time GMing – Knowing Your Group”

  1. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! New episode … now I actually have something to look forward to (since proverbial gaming rug has been pulled out from beneath me once again) each week that’s gaming related.
    Glad to hear Howard back on the cast … having three people talking brings more info into the cast, which I believe others will appreciate.
    Go Season 4!

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