Season 3, Episode 025b: Intervention Interviews

Greetings Gamers! Alright, here they are, the interviews I did at Intervention. Now I know the sound quality isn’t the best on some of these. I was recording a lot of them in a large, crowded room with Liz’s iPad, but I think most of them turned out well and you can hear everyone. I did have to adjust the volume on one or two to make sure you can hear everything, but that also means there might be an audio spike here and there, so be forewarned. Well, hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I did recording them!

Annie: A Space-Western Interview; Webcomic Site (Site seems to be down, investigating)

Tangent Artists Interview; Webcomic Site

LaSalle’s Legacy Interview; Webcomic Site

Damocles Thread Interview; Looking for a Website for them.

Tamuran Interview; Webcomic Site

Hainted Holler Interview; Webcomic Site

Slackjaw and the Z-LARP Interview; Webcomic Site

Cinematic for the People Interview; Webcomic Site

Onezumi Interview; Webcomic Site; Intervention’s Site

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 3, Episode 025b: Intervention Interviews”

  1. It’s too bad you cant do some sort of video, or at least have some pictures. The links are cool, but some people are not as fortunate to make it to these cons. So pictures would be awesome!

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