Season 3, Episode 014: Review of Sword’s Edge

Greetings Gamers! This week we give a review of Sword’s Edge by our co-host, Liz! We look over Fraser’s base system and tell what we think of it! So com join us and learn something!


News: Deathwatch: Rising Tempest, Changeling: The Lost: Victorian Lost
Main Event: Review of Sword’s Edge
Helpful Links: The Dune RPG, Sword’s Edge Publishing, Sword’s Edge Publishing Catalog

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 3, Episode 014: Review of Sword’s Edge”

  1. Liz, now with my help, you can run more Serenity games, since you have the serenity RPG to help you create a better Sword’s Edge: Serenity!

    — “A little nudge”? “A little push”? Did you watch Santa Clause 2 before the podcast? the Toy Santa uses the phrase “a little nudge” when we takes over the North Pole. —

    Catch me on my new blog: where I too give My Two Cents on the Sword’s edge system.

    PS — Liz, you owe me three more hours of a Serenity game LOL

  2. […] The episode with the SES review is here. […]

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