Season 3, Episode 006: Using Pre-done Adventures

Greetings Gamers! This week we are joined again by Howard as we talk about some tips to use Pre-done Adventures! We also have one of the longest episodes for Rho Pi so no arguing on it being to short! Come join us as we try to teach you something!


News: Earthdawn Player’s Guide: Savage Worlds Edition, Degenesis RPG, Shadowrun Returns
Main Event: Using Pre-done Adventures

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 3, Episode 006: Using Pre-done Adventures”

  1. Okay, before I even listen to this podcast, I’m thinking that this episode is directed at me. 1) for the length comment — I enjoy listening to the show, and I always want to hear more; 2) pre-done adventures – I have a handle sitting around that I want to run, and I’m sure the three of you will impart some highly useful words of wisdom for me … so Thanks in advance

    • okay, so not dedicated to me, but thanks Jorge for putting this question out there — I prefer pre-canned adventures, mostly. My advise here is, like the group said, is to read it, read it until you know wtf is going on. I like pre-cans b/c it’s less stress on me to think of what’s going to happen (esp. since I’m a railroader GM; i get a story in my head that i want to tell, and there’s no deviating from that) so the pre-cans almost (unlike Liz’s game) give me that same feeling (here’s the story and the character’s are just along for the ride). PLUS, it allows me to add my own flavor, and input details that i feel are missing — like the game i ran at AnimeUSA this past yr. It was a pre-can that i modified just a little to provide further details for myself. I added descriptions (that i felt it lacked) added more script (as I HATE ad-libing) to remind me of what i need to tell the PCs. And what was great, for me, was the neither group that played, deviated from the storyline (perhaps this was b/c it was during a con, but i hope it was b/c I “nudged” the characters in the right places). You’re also given npcs, rather than come up with stats from scratch. The bonus is also that you can either pre-gen your pcs (which is what I did for the con) or coax your players to choose certain things, b/c you know the material, and know what is and what isn’t going to be helpful (whereas with self-created adventures, you have to find ways to weave in the skills, feats, traits, w/e into your story to make sure everyone gets highlighted). There’s my two cents Jorge, hope it helps.

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