Season 3, Episode 004: Setting Adaptation Revisit

Greetings Gamers! This week we take another look at Jorge Vallejo’s question about Setting Adaptation. After last week I figured there was more that I could say about the subject, so we cover it now. Also, our good friend Howard comes to join us this week. Come join the fun!


News: 2012 Origins Awards Nominees, Evil Hat: Dinocalypse Kickstarter, Falling Scales: Chapter 1, White Wolf: The Art of Exalted, PDF/Print
Main Event: Setting Adaptation Revisited
Helpful Links: Friendship is Dragons, I’m Steampunk and I know it

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 3, Episode 004: Setting Adaptation Revisit”

  1. I would like to defend myself (once again) — yes I was put in command of our crew, and yes I did mention killing the pilots of our drop ship twice: 1) kill the pilots to make the ship crash on targeted base (Byron intervened and said they were on our side — fine, ask them to intentionally crash ship), 2) said pilots parachuted out of the drop ship and I said ‘shoot them down’ (I wanted it to appear that we were still the “good guys” and not committing a cue). My idea was to infiltrate the base, rather than go in there guns blazing; its not like we were in Gundams, no we had 3 Leos and an Aries vs an entire base. Thankfully the drop ship hit its mark and limited what enemies we had to face, but I still felt we needed to TRY and make it appear that the pilots were acting on their own accord. But apparently that’s not how my amazing plan came across. We still won the day, and I even used a Fate Point to make the base surrender, once we had neutralized most of their forces; which cut the game short ruining my limited chance to roleplay ::sad face::.

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