Oops! Sorry about that.

Well, apparently I didn’t fix the Link code on the last post and had the wrong Episode referenced. The Link has been Fixed and I’m including it here so you don’t have to hunt.

Season 3 Premier! RhoPiGammaSn3Ep001.mp3

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


5 Responses to “Oops! Sorry about that.”

  1. Howard Brandon Says:

    Absolutely love it!

  2. Yay! It has returned!

    Loved this episode. LOVED IT!

    “What do you bring to fight a fey?”
    Howard: steel knives and a shotgun loaded with steel shells
    Cyrus: Power tools from Home Depot
    Byron: crumpets!

    Redundant Question: How does Howard know, for a fact, and from a personal point of view, that a nail gun will indeed go through both flesh AND bone? (Im sure the story is entertaining and all …)

    Howard: you need to face your fears, come babysit my daughter one day, i think she’ll make you change your view on children — if you really want to fear something, don’t fear the child (esp. the bad ones) fear the parent’s that raised that child.

    Byron: Thank you for teaching us the Proper way to draw a magical circle. But when ya don’t have chalk, blood just HAS to do sometimes (poor Lucas).

    • Howard Brandon Says:

      Salow: Basically, the story goes that in 2001ish, I was working construction in Atl. While I was outside landscaping and doing that kind of thing, two guys were upstairs in the attic laying in the floor. Well, we were all just doing out thing when there was a blood curdling scream from inside the house. We rushed to the door only to find the two flooring guys coming out shouting at each other. The contractor finally calmed everyone down and got the whole story.
      So, the guys were working at opposite ends of the attic, about 8-10 feet away and were each facing away from each other, kneeling on the floor. We are all trained to put nail guns down, tip first, but the younger guy “forgot” accidentally firing his gun and shooting the other man in the meat of the calf. True story. The nail shot straight and true for about 10 feet, sank through the calf muscle and just into the bone.
      Well, the older guy was arguably upset, but after a bit of cussing and shouting, he yanked out the nail, wrapped his leg in electrical tape and went back to work. Construction workers are tough. Anyway, that’s how I know.

      As for your children, let’s put a pin in that and save it for…say never?

  3. Yay! Glad to have y’all back. My Sunday’s just weren’t the same

    • Gm: “What do you bring to fight a Fey?”
      Howard: “Steel knives and a shotgun with steel shells.”
      Cyrus: “Tools from Home Depot.”
      Byron: “Crumpets!”

      Byron — thank you for properly demonstrating to us how to draw a magical circle. but, when there’s nothing else to draw with, blood always works! (poor lucas, lol)

      Howard — if you ever want to face your fears of children, come babysit my daughter. ask anyone in the group, she’s one of the most well behaved kids you’ll ever meet. but if you really want to fear something, it’s not the kids, but rather the parent(s) you should be afraid of — like the saying goes “like father, like son”, the child only imitates the nature of the parent(s).
      Also, do we even want to know how you know, for a fact, that a nail gun can rip through both flesh and bone?

      Great job at GMing Liz, its great that you were able to battle through your tiredness to complete this awesome adventure.

      But I still say I should have been involved, it was MY child’s life that was on the line! (sarcastic)

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