Season 2, Episode 027b: The Perfect Gaming Space

Greetings Gamers! We’re back and tech difficulty free! So now for Episode 27B! This week we talk about Gaming Space and what we feel makes the perfect Gaming Area, spurred on by us moving stuff around in our “studio”. We were also able to recycle the news from last week, plus some new stuff so you really aren’t missing out on anything! Come join the fun and Game On!


News: Trail of Cthulhu: Many Fires, Little Fears, Nightmare Edition: Campfire Tales 5, Dead Leaves, Macabre Tales: Softcover Rulebook Available, 40 Table-Top Gaming Gifts for Mostly Under $20, White Wolf Books Back in Print
Main Event: The Perfect Gaming Space, Geek Chichq: The Sultan, Ultimate Game Room!

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


3 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 027b: The Perfect Gaming Space”

  1. I have a deck of many things 🙂 My BF made them – cut out the pics from a gaming mag back in the day and stuck them to phone cards. They’re really well done. Will have to post pictures sometime.

  2. Why am I always the “let’s pick on …” subject? I can’t help it if I have an overactive imagination!
    As for your season finale I would be willing to run the Saga game I ran at A-USA. I know Dresden would probably be preferred, and a bit easier to run via Skype or whathaveyou, but I’ll put the offer out there. It would be a LONG game; I believe the last session I ran took nearly, if not more, than 3 hours. Let me know.


      Forget the Sultan. If I was going to go ultimate game table, I’d go with The Locus. Same designers, but when the game board can be interactive, I’d be all for that — sure it’s somewhat limited, as in it probably wouldn’t be available for use for anything other than rpgs — plus it can be totally customized. Which then i believe you could have an awesome combo between The Locus AND The Sultan!

      Chairs around this wonderful game table would be from Herman Miller ( This site carries ergonomic chairs, in both a standard desk size, or in counter/bar height chairs. And based on the size of the the Locus/Sultan, having an ergo chair would be great. Although, Sumo Lounge ( has the ultimate chair selection for the more relaxed gamer [something that would have been awesome at R-MA, if we had the space).

      The room would also have to have at least a kitchette, with pub style dining area; full bath (maybe double toilets, sinks and showers, and changing room); and a “lounge” area, which could be easily converted into sleeping areas, for those weekend long gaming events. Or for movie nights, or even video game tournaments. As well, throughout the area would be speakers, lighting, book shelves (serving as both a place of honor for rpg material, display cases, and staging areas for games), and ceiling fans (for circulation). There may even be a computer area.

      I actually thought that this would make a nice business environment for a game store. There would be a charge for kitchen and shower usage or perhaps a general cover charge, but otherwise guests would have use of the facility and its materials. Pub tables could be used for TCGs, and additional tables and seating could be brought in for TTGs (perhaps by fold down tables that are hidden in the walls).

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