Season 2, Episode 25: Getting more RP out of your players

Greetings Gamers! On this short episode of Rho Pi Gamma, we give an update on our NaGaDeMon progress and review a blog post that gives tips on how to get more RP out of your players with one simple rule. Come join us and see!


News: Spectrum Games: Macabre Tales, Exalted: The Patchwork Scroll, Flames Rising: Life Imitates LARP
Main Event: Roving Band of Misfits: One Rule to Increase Roleplaying Engagement at Your Table

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 2, Episode 25: Getting more RP out of your players”

  1. Your Main Event reminded me of the time Kennedy had that whole oratory (though none of the other players were there) — which i roleplayed out — and may have actually swayed an npc or two. It also helped that I was rolling well, but I’m sure, had I failed, you (byron, as gm) would have made the crowd disperse or have Kennedy make a fool of himself.

    I think the real key, is more than having the players describe their actions (before and after the roll), but to (like the problem you have with JD) have the players Remain In Character! I know OoC stuff can interfere, but those obstacles can be banned, or at least limited during game.

    This is a roleplaying game. The whole point is to step out of real life and immerse yourself in a world and role that is different. Perhaps if there was an IMMEDIATE reward for good roleplaying, then maybe those people who have a trouble getting into character, will actually try and do so.

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