Season 2, Episode 24: Mood Setting – Horror

Greetings Gamers! Sorry for this being posted late. We explain in the episode. This week we help celebrate Halloween with advise for getting yourself and your players in the mood for a good old-fashion horror game! Come join in the spooky fun!


News: Evil Hat Sale: Happy Birthday Harry Dresden!, Fantasy Flight Games: Black Crusade, Roleplaying Tips Contest: Enter Your 3-Minute Magic Items
Main Event: Setting the Mood for a Horror Game
Tip Reference: Slender Man, Pic of Slender Man, Cracked: 5 Halloween Parties too Badass to be Real that Totally are, Cracked: 6 Popular Monster Myths that Prove Humanity is Doomed

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 2, Episode 24: Mood Setting – Horror”

  1. thank you for the honorable mention — i think descriptions are the key to any good setting, horror or otherwise. like when i ran that session of star wars not too long ago, most of you applauded me for the good opening descriptions of the cells you were occupying.

    i’ve always thought it would be awesome to have the room set the mood, but gaming around candle light or dim lights would make dice rolling and reading character sheets difficult. and having some music helps too (which i tried once — like for combat, i used the tunes used in Final Fantasy X), don’t know if it helped or detracted from the game, but it was something worth trying.

    but i’d have to agree, knowing your players would help greatly in determining what dimensions would enhance their enjoyment of a certain setting. but maintaining that mood can prove difficult, as real life can make a horror game into a spoof in no time flat.

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