Season 2, Episode 017: Pros and Cons of using Virtual Table Tops in RPG’s

Greetings Gamers! Hope all our listeners on the East Coast are staying safe and dry! This week we talk about the Pros and Cons of the budding technology of Virtual Table Tops. And what’s this about a Dark Crystal RPG? Come join us and find out!


News: Print-On-Demand at, Exalted: Autochthonia & Brokenwinged Crane Now in Pint!, Dark Crystal RPG?!, Random Dungeon Encounter Table
Shout Out: All Our East Coast Listeners!
Main Event: The problem with using virtual tabletops for D&D

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 2, Episode 017: Pros and Cons of using Virtual Table Tops in RPG’s”

  1. OK, let me defend myself as to WAY my character in Liz’s Dresden game choose to be a buffet for ghouls. His name is/was Lucas Andador (which is Spanish for Luke Walker, his nickname is Skywalker) he believes himself to be a real-life Jedi [he even crafted a ‘lightsaber’ (a kendo stick painted blue basically)].

    His trouble was Delusions of Grandeur, so when the ghouls attacked the group, I tapped his trouble for an effect. This effect was that Lucas, strong in his belief as a Jedi, pulled a Kay, from MiB, “Eat me!”, and they did, they caused so much damage that they took his arm (much like Luke lost his arm to Vader — further cementing his delusion).

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