Season 2, Episode 016: Size Does Matter… for a Gaming Group

Greetings Gamers! We are back again! Sorry for getting this up so late, we got the modem fixed and then the service it self wigged out for a night. But here we are, back again! This week we talk about how Size DOES matter, at least when talking about Gaming Groups. We also have a little news for you, including a guest appearance by us on the TropeCast last week! Come join the fun!


News: Ptolus back in print, in a two volume set!, Liz and I gueststar on the Tropecast’s episode on Gamer/Gaming Tropes
Shout Out: Waynesburger in Waynesboro, PA.
Main Event: Size Does Matter: Small Groups vs. Big Groups

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 016: Size Does Matter… for a Gaming Group”

  1. I like smaller groups. Easier to control, allows more roleplaying and personal interaction with everyone involved.

  2. I have found my sweet spot in 4 PC for horror stories and 5 PC for everything else. Yes, that one person makes the difference between a group that feels afraid in the dark and another one that feels secure in the numbers.

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