Season 2, Episode 013: Interview with Sean Bailey

Alright, I feel I need to warn you all now. The recording didn’t come out as well as we thought it had on this one. Everyone is fine BUT me. For some reason I’m really low and soft. So please bare with us on this one. That being said, we have my best friend Howard Brandon back with us and he brought Sean Bailey with him! Sean is the writer/composer/artist that did Rho Pi Gamma’s new theme! He talks to us about his plans to make Gaming Sound Tracks and how he goes about doing his music. His stuff is AWESOME so you should really give a listen! I’ve posted links to some samples of his work below!


News: Age System: Midgard Bestiary, WoD: Glimpses of the Unknown, Buckaroo Banzai: the RPG
Segments: None
Main Event: Interview with Sean Bailey
Sean’s E-mail:
Samples of Sean’s Music:
Sample: Autumnal Dusk
Sample: Paradise
Sample: Sitcom Theme
MIDI: Lost
MIDI: Rho Pi Gamma Theme

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 2, Episode 013: Interview with Sean Bailey”

  1. um, yeah, REALLY bad man. hard to enjoy the ep. when i cant even hear you … any chance you could just re-record your portions and then cut and paste them in???

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