Season 2, Episode 011: Interview with Iain Lowson!

This week we talk to Iain Lowson, creator of the Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein RPG! He is a fantastic guy and, as you will hear in the interview, quickly becoming my best bud! (Whether he wants to admit it or not! 😉 ) We also have the top gaming awards from Origins 2011!! So come and hang with us and have some fun! You might even learn something to!


News: Pendragon: Book of Battle, Savage Worlds: Deluxe, 2011 Origins: Award Winners
Segments: None
Main Event: Interview with Iain Lowson!
Iain Lowson’s Links:
Dark Harvest Facebook Fan Page
Dark Harvest Main Page
Dark Harvest Forums
Cubicle 7 Store

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Season 2, Episode 011: Interview with Iain Lowson!”

  1. Funny … another good interview under your hats … but yeah, I have to agree with Liz, if you all had video … yeah, it would be cool … I know it may not be very exciting to watch someone else sit and talk (but what are talk shows all about then?) but to see who you are talking to (like pete, iain or fred) would be pretty cool.

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