Season 2, Episode 010: Interview with Fred Hicks!!

This week we talk to Fred Hicks!! Co-President of Evil Hat Productions!! The makers of FATE 3.0 and the Dresden Files RPG! We are SO excited to have Fred on the show! The interview went so long and was so cool we made it a special episode! Come check it out!!


News: None
Segments: None
Main Event: Interview with Fred Hicks!
Fred Hicks’ Links:
Fred’s blog
Evil Hat
Evil Hat webstore
The Dresden Files RPG website
The Fate System’s official site
Jim’s website
Jim’s forum site
The FateRPG Yahoo Group

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 010: Interview with Fred Hicks!!”

  1. I only get a mere byline mention for my wonderfully mastered Star Wars: Zombie game?! Even if it wasn’t something to write home about, at least ya could have complained; something! Geesh! I went to a lot of trouble creating that adventure — for months I slaved over creating characters and scenarios that would enthrall the players to battle onward! And all I get on this “world-wide podcast” is ‘Salow ran his d20 Star Wars game.” Makes me sad. ::tear::

    But the interview was awesome. It almost makes you feel like trying to create your own rpg and attempt to publish it … ::smirk:: …

    If you all never do another pod cast, this will forever stand out as THE BEST of your two seasons. If you all could nail down some more creators, like Fred, then your show would rock that much harder.

    And the best part is that he’s only a short drive down the road!

    And Liz, if you run, I wanna play!

  2. […] I sat down recently with the Rho Pi Gamma podcast. It was a fun, if slightly rambly, interview (but what interviews aren’t)? There’ll be a dose of familiar material for folks who’ve heard me interview before, but I think it’s been a while since the last, so hopefully you find it fresh. If you like it, please let the hosts know in the comments over at the podcast itself! (Though I wouldn’t mind hearing it too.) […]

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