Season 2, Episode 007: Interview with Mike R. and Heart ot Heart

This week we interview Mike R., creator of Rusty and Co., an RPG Web Comic! We also have a heart to heart with you, the listeners and ourselves about Rho Pi Gamma, where we’re going with it, what you want from us, and our plans for the future.

Also an update, Contacts Page is up! Check it out! Contacts Page


News: None
Segments: None
Main Event: Interview with Mike R., creator of Rusty and Co., Thoughts and plans for Rho Pi Gamma

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 007: Interview with Mike R. and Heart ot Heart”

  1. Not that Mike wasn’t interesting, but I read his entire web comic while you all talked …

    I like how Liz gives the recap in “what have we been doing in gaming,” but I want more … I like to hear more of a recap … I know Liz, personally, isn’t in all the games that you play during the week, but I know there are moments in, at least the Sunday game, that are somewhat memorable. So, I’d like to hear a bit more from that portion of the cast.

    Need more links. Like Rusty and Co. isn’t linked on the page. I think the way to get YOUR name out there is to link to other people websites, and hopefully they’ll allow you to have a link on theirs?

    Missing the segments. I know the segments are done by people who don’t live nearby, but Major Malfunction, Mrs. Manners, they are sorely missed. Jinxy is cool, but that’s only ONE segment … we need more …

    The news is cool … I like the news, its cool to hear what else is out there in gaming. Personally, I don’t like to go out there and read all the news, so i rely on this cast to keep me informed.

    And i still think having some music to break between segments would be cool …

    • Thanks for the input. Though we had Rusty and Co.’s link on the Link’s page, I did forget to put it in the blog post itself. So that’s for the reminder, that has now been fixed.

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