Season 2, Episode 001: Season Premier!

We’re Back! Welcome New and Old to Rho Pi Gamma: Season 2! Some of were wondering if we’d ever be back, but we just couldn’t stay away! We finish up the two-parter of rescuing Jinxy with Cyrus and JD. And our good friend James makes his Rho Pi Gamma debut with helping us wrap up the adventure!

Just a bit of a note too, we are changing our updating schedule: We will be releasing a new podcast every other week. We will still be releasing on Sundays, but due to some of the changes in our lives, we have to push back how often we can do this. We thought it better then to not do the podcast at all so. Sorry for any inconvenience and hope you’ll enjoy Season 2 with us!


News: Savage Worlds: Darwin’s World Survivor’s Handbook, Prime Directive: PD20 (d20 Modern), WoD: Mirrors: Bleeding Edge
Main Event: Season Finale: Jinxy Recovered!

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Season 2, Episode 001: Season Premier!”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Yay! Jinxy rescued! Welcome back, all! 🙂

  2. Yay!! Yer back! Too bad it’ll only be every other week 😥

    That means the episodes should now be TWICE as long! WooHoo!

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