Episode 041: Season Finale!

Well, we have been on for almost a whole year! We are ending our First Season this week, to give us time to move, enjoy the holidays with family, and to get some things together for Season 2!

And a Special Shout Out to Chris, Courtney, and Carleigh Salow! Carleigh (who is just over 6 months old) just had heart surgery a few days ago, which at last report, she is doing fine! So join us in a Shout Out and Best Wishes to the Salow’s!


News: Goodman Games: From Here to There, Ruined Guardhouse (PFRPG), Skirmisher Holiday Sale, Pathfinder Cerulean Seas Campaign Setting
Main Event: Season Finale: Finding Jinxy!

See you in February 2011! Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


3 Responses to “Episode 041: Season Finale!”

  1. she’s only 4 mos. will be 5 mos at the end of the year

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Nice ending to a great season! Looking forward to next season! 🙂

  3. Having JUST listened to this podcast. I must say, it was very well done. Having a ‘mock session’ for the final episode was a pretty swift idea. I hope you continue to have this as your finales.

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