Episode 040: An Intro to Miniatures

Sorry for being up later then usual, Gamers, but we had some things to deal with today that pushed editing back some.
We’re joined by our friend from the UK, Pete, to talk about Miniatures. I also give an update as to how things turned out with Cyrus’ advice from last week. Also, our Shout Out goes to Kitsune Kon! They’ve been helping spread the word about us, so I’m returning the favor. Go check them out!


News: Pathfinder: 101 Malevalent Magic Items, Grey Ranks, Hex Games Holiday Sale, Pathfinder: Deadly Ice
Segments: Jinxy: True Resurrection
Main Event: Recap of Last Episode and a beginning talk on Miniatures…


2 Responses to “Episode 040: An Intro to Miniatures”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    I love the legos as minis idea. Looking forward to trying that out in the d6 D&D game. šŸ™‚ That said, as a veteran of both 4th edition’s mini-focused gameplay and your d6 star wars game that uses no minis, I’ve found that for myself personally, the lack of minis enhances immersion. I realize it’s comparing apples and oranges with the two systems and settings being entirely different, but that’s the impression I’ve gotten. With minis, it’s a 3rd person view. Without, it’s much easier for me to think in 1st person.

  2. I like the use of miniatures because of the visual references — but I’ve already spent money on WH40K so I’ve got armies ready to go!

    Byron, I’d be willing to bring them by if you want to see them.

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