Episode 039: Dealing with Non-Combat Characters

This week we get over Con Crude, our good friend Cyrus joins us, and we talk about how to deal with non-combat/social characters in combat situations and in combat heavy groups!


News: Savage Worlds: Caladon Falls, Vampire Masquerade/Requiem conversions
Segments: Jinxy: Break Enchantment
Main Event: Tips on having a non-combat character in a group of combat monkeys


2 Responses to “Episode 039: Dealing with Non-Combat Characters”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    *Raises hand.* I would be the player who prefers solo RP not be taken to another room. The players are reasonable enough to not interrupt with side chatter if asked to, or to go to the other room if they must chat, so I would encourage private RP be reserved for special occasions such as the player insisting that none of the players know what happened.

    As for fixing non-combat characters in a combat oriented group, the reverse winds up happening when non-combat encounters come up. The combat characters wind up sitting around doing nothing and feeling useless. I think the best suggestion was to divvy out non-combat responsibilities among the characters. I would add to that that the characters should have a minimum combat competence.

    Also… Giant robot. Love that idea! Let’s do that!

  2. I agree with Lucas, the best way to handle a non-combat character amongst combat oriented characters is to bring non-combat scenarios more into play. FORCE the combat pcs into taking skills that require some ‘face time’. Sure you can have subterfuge and fighting in a non-combat adventure, but “persuade” the players to redirect their characters into roles they would not normally play.

    For example: The Senator’s Aide is sent to Planet X to moderate peace talks between two waring factions. The use of force is strongly discouraged and ALL weapons will be “checked at the door”. While there will be some physicalities exchanged amongst the factions (the combative characters can act as body guards or security officers), the main focus of this adventure is to let the non-combat character shine. This will also give the combat heavy players a chance to explore a different aspect of their character. Like having to do crowd control; again physical force is a no-no, so now the players have to think on their toes to help ease the angry mob. Or use various skill checks to prevent activists from breaking into the peace talks and really throwing a wrench into things. In the end you can either have the peace talks work or get ‘blown out of proportion’ (literally).

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