Episode 032: Dealing with military structure…

This week we talk about how to leave your players freedom while operating in a military structure, a possible new segment up and coming, and answering another question from our friend, Tim.


News: Savage Worlds: 10 fantasy traps, Coyote Falls SAS (Werewolf: the Forsaken)
Segments: Jinxy’s Book of Wizardry Stuff: Absorb/Dissipate Energy
Main Event: Dealing with military structure and character/player freedom
Questions: Tim: When the laws and facts don’t matter…


One Response to “Episode 032: Dealing with military structure…”

  1. Hey, you’re talking about command and Star Trek — and how people always want to jump into a command spot — then why not have them go through the Academy? Say like senior yr and they are trying to prove their worth (lots of ROLEPLAYING opportunities there)? Or perhaps the PCs are on a small ship, and I mean small, where they are practically the ONLY crew members (then the group can unite and decide you is the captain — when the captain dies)?

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