Episode 031: How to Start a Gaming Session

This week we review a another blog’s post about How to start a gaming session and get your players into character and we expand on it some by also going over how to try and keep your players in character through the game!


News: Clockwork & Chivalry Core Worldbook, Shanghai Vampocalypse (Savage Worlds)
Segments: None
Main Event: How to Start a Gaming Session… tadhg.com
Questions: Tim: Separation of Church and State (Keeping Real Life out of Game and Vise Verse)


One Response to “Episode 031: How to Start a Gaming Session”

  1. its method actors and character actors they function similarly
    a method actor trains in sense memories and emotional recall so they use feelings and states of mind from the past to express the character feelings at the time so they can cry and be real its real emotion or emoting if you will … a character actor gets into the part by becoming the person they do background research and try to make themselves a believable whatever the person is by blending themselves into the personality the express and the thought of the characters

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