Episode 030: Character Vices

This week our Co-host returns and we celebrate our 30th Episode! We thank Dave for the question that we made into our Main Event: Character Vices! Come join us in the fun!


News: L5R 4th Edition, Laundry RPG, Atomic Superhuman 2nd Edition, etc.
Segments: Jinxy’s Book of Wizardry Stuff: Control Pain
Main Event: Character Vices…
Questions: Tim: Dealing with the Casual Gamer and Plot Holes…


2 Responses to “Episode 030: Character Vices”

  1. Hey there! Thanks for answering my question and yay for David spotlight! You should have seen how tickled he was, smiling for a good day or two. I enjoyed the character vices bit. I have a Revanent (undead) character who’s vice is he’s always cold and likes to warm up by having a nice, hot mug of blood.

    Concerning my question, by now I have more or less formed the solutions you guys mentioned, but it was nice to hear confirmation I’m doing the right thing at this point. And yes, it’s an ongoing thing with this guy. XD Thank you so much for your answers! I think I’m coming up with more questions.

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    I know who Tim’s talking about, and I believe I’ve settled on a different approach: pretend like there isn’t a problem at all then simply tell the other players after he stops showing up that this is what he does. His char is never that deeply involved in the plot by the time he vanishes, so this has worked well.

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