Episode 029: Rules Systems Changing Over Time

This week our Co-host is in Time Out for last week. So we do an All Guys Episode! Salow joins us once again and Jay and Matt join us for the first time! We talk about dealing with people distracting a game who aren’t in it. Come join the boys!


News: Munchkin: Zombies, Deathwatch, etc.
Segments: Jinxy’s Book of Wizardry Stuff: Permanency
Main Event: Dealing with Systems Changing Over Time…
Questions: Tim: Dealing with Non-Gamers…


3 Responses to “Episode 029: Rules Systems Changing Over Time”

  1. Terrific answers! It didn’t occur to me to use a library or even a restaurant (especially since Franks Pizza has that “no games of any kind” rule where they asked us not to play chess because gaming was banned from the restaurant). But from the sounds of it, there are a lot of options. Thanks for covering the question and in a thorough manner. 🙂 Roll high, play well, die hard!

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    I can guess the person Tim was talking about. Our D&D group’s answer would have been likely to invite him to a fistfight. Or just shoot the breeze with the welcome distraction. You could never tell with that bunch. Speaking of D&D, they’re going through yet another rules change. I guess RP systems gain levels as time passes.

  3. I finally got around to listening to this podcast, and I forgot to mention Rogue Trader. While the games have only just come out, we were also discussing games that most games have their flaws … and from what experience I have with Rogue Trader’s d100 system its pretty smooth.
    You have your stats, and you need to role under that score. Certain situations will increase or decrease the target number, and if you pass or fail by 10 that’s a degree of success/failure. The more degrees you pass or fail by the better or worse the outcome became.

    Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to GM this system, but as a player it’s pretty straight forward. Character creation is also rather simple, as you have x pts to distribute into feats, skills and attributes. And depending on your class you would have certain feats or skills available to you, and they are assigned a pt value (100, 200, etc.).

    I could go on, but the long and short of it is, that Rogue Trader (Deathwatch, Dark Heresy) and the d100 system is one of the better systems I’ve used.

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