Episode 028: Girl Gamers

This week we have talk about Girls in Gaming, Jinxy goes over the Magic Fang Spell, and we report on the D&D Essentials: Monster Vault, Wild Cards from Green Ronin, Exalted: Dreams of the First Age, and other RPG News.


News: D&D Essentials: Monster Vault, Wild Cards, Dreams of the First Age, Freeport Companion, Interface Zero
Segments: Jinxy’s Book of Wizardry Stuff: Magic Fang
Main Event: Girl Gamers
Questions: Tim: Every GM has quirks…


2 Responses to “Episode 028: Girl Gamers”

  1. Hey! Thanks for covering my question. You actually answered what I was getting at, but failed to ask correctly, which is “How do you communicate to the GM”. And your comments on “if you want the GM to bend, you should be willing to bend” as well as reassurances that GMs tend to be sane, etc, you definitely got at what I was wanting to know. Thanks for addressing it. 🙂

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Fun episode and the kidnapped host was a funny gag. One question that wasn’t covered that I’d be curious the ladies take on: Why do you suppose female gamers are comparatively rare? What is it about gaming that draws more guys than gals?

    As for the question on GM quirks… I guess my GM quirks are the same as my quirks as a player: I have a very low tolerance level for player drama and roleplay sex. I enjoy roleplay as a get-along gang kinda lighthearted gathering of friends. Personal or private issues out of character and in character should be just that – personal and private. If a GM or gaming group wants to bicker among themselves or go into gory details about their fantasies, I stop having fun and consequently leave the group.

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