Episode 026: Fudging Rolls/Rules

This week we return with new sections, new segments, new and improved flavor! Well, maybe not the flavor part. But do help us celebrate our return and check us out!


News: Worldwide D&D Day, Band of Zombies
Segments: Jinxy’s Book of Wizardry Stuff
Main Event: Fudging Rolls/Rules


2 Responses to “Episode 026: Fudging Rolls/Rules”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Jinxy! ❤ Flubbing the dice in favor of fun is a good thing. When I GM, I don't use a GM screen and instead roll the dice in the open for everyone to see. That way if things go poorly for players, I can blame the dice. Sure it has it's disadvantages, but there's so many other options for adjusting the difficulty of an encounter to keep it from being too easy or too hard, that I've yet to have the public dice method bite me in the butt.

  2. I remember when I flubbed a roll, when I was GMing. I had my players in a long hallway chasing down some pirates and were confronted with an E-Web. In the group was my NPC. I rolled the dice to see who would be hit, and instead of choosing the player I let the target become my NPC. And that’s when fate stepped in and had me roll a critical threat (which was confirmed) and got a whole lot of E-Web in the gut. Needless to say my NPC (whom I was using to move the game along) died. The heroes rejoiced, “Yay!” and they went on to defeat the pirates.

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