Episode 025: Taking a Break in a Game…

This week we talk about taking breaks in your gaming session or over all campaign. We also talk a little about the new Microsoft Surface and the prototype program for it, SurfaceScapes. We also bring up that we will be taking a two week break from doing the Podcast so that we can regroup and reorganize!


Episode Main Event: Taking a Break in a Game or Campaign…
GM Tips: Brief review of the Microsoft Surface and SurfaceScapes.
Player Tips: Same as above…

Latest Article on the Microsoft Surface and SurfaceScapes can be found here


2 Responses to “Episode 025: Taking a Break in a Game…”

  1. how i will miss thee for two weeks! i play miniatures!

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Microsoft Surface is currently running for $12,500 according to the website. As for taking breaks, well… Is the break over yet? Let’s get back to gaming!

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