Episode 024: Dealing with Character Death

This week is our 6th Month Anniversary! We also talk about Character Death in your games and how to deal with them. We are joined by JD and Cyrus this week to help us out!


Episode Main Event: Dealing with Character Death…
GM Tips: Same as above…
Player Tips: Same as above…


2 Responses to “Episode 024: Dealing with Character Death”

  1. Happy 6 mo.! Good episode. Here’s to another 6 mo.!

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Player & GM tip: Discuss before hand how you would like PC death to be handled. Some players want the challenge of a Tomb of Horrors style death trap, and are willing to accept that their character was vaporized by a ion cannon disguised as a doorknob. Some would be so very unhappy about their character dieing that they’d quit gaming for good. Or at least for the rest of your 11 month campaign. (Game reset can be just as bad for killing player interest.) I could play either IF it’s understood ahead of time what I’m getting into.

    Games have rules. The rules need to be agreed upon before game starts. If the player was never told that “the rule of this game is that if the character you invested several months into goes below 0 hp, you can’t play that character any more,” you can expect them to be unhappy. Also would be important to mention how likely it is in a given setting.

    Another important point I don’t recall being mentioned about JD’s new character. JD didn’t have to play a level 1 character among the veteran characters who didn’t die. The new character was given enough to be on par with the rest of us.

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