Episode 023: Gaming in something that has a Strong Canon

This week… WE HAVE MUSIC!! Thank you, Tim! We also are joined by our Female Gamer Nichole, and talk about GMing and Playing in Games that have a Strong Canon to it (ie Star War, Wheel of Time, Battlestar Galactica, etc.)


Episode Main Event: Gaming in something that has a Strong Canon…
GM Tips: Same as above…
Player Tips: Same as above…


One Response to “Episode 023: Gaming in something that has a Strong Canon”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Seen the Star Wars movies, haven’t read the books. Dungeons and Dragons I saw the cartoon series. That’s it. And I run that setting a lot. No complaints from any players so far. A wouldn’t hesitate to run in or play in a Lord of the Rings setting even if I hadn’t read that trilogy and seen the movies more than once… because in my experience, “cannon” is what you make of it. (I tried playing LoTR Online and lost interest. It wasn’t cannon or lack of cannon that made the game ho-hum, it was lack of fun people to share the game with on a regular basis.)

    You could spend a lot of time and effort just figuring out what is and isn’t supposed to be “cannon” in a given story such as Transformers then run a game set in the time frame between season 2 and the movie while trying to figure out if comic book stuff like scraplets exist or not, or you could just say, “You know what? Never mind the cannon. Sure it’s Middle Earth, but the One Ring was never found by any tricksey hobbitses. It’s a balmy morning in the town of Bree and you hear a ruckus at the gate…”

    Strong cannon is only as strong as the opinions of the GM and players. If I were to run a Star Wars game, Byron might lose interest fast because I would do things very differently from the traditional Star Wars cannon, while another player would be overjoyed at playing in a world where Jedi can use telekinesis to strangle a bad-guy without automatically getting a dark side point.

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