Episode 022: Feed Your Gamers!

This week we give tips on helping feed your hungry Gamer Group and answer some questions from our good friend Salow that he e-mailed us to help keep us going!


Episode Main Event: Feed Your Gamers!
GM Tips: Do you change the direction of the game, based on one player’s actions, or do you maintain the rhythm of the game to ensure everyone is spotlighted? Even if it means a great moment has to go unnoticed?
Player Tips: Enjoy every moment your character has because you’re not always going to be the center of attention.


3 Responses to “Episode 022: Feed Your Gamers!”

  1. Yes, yes. I am awesome! Saved another episode from utter doom. A thousand XP to me, which will make me Salow level 2.

  2. Made those Chicken Tacos tonight for dinner and the family loved it! Thanks guys =D.

  3. Lucas Rampage Says:

    I’ll readily admit that I’m the player that complains about awesome RP being pulled into another room where I can’t even enjoy listening. The same that complains about stopping for food for an hour. It comes from my mindset that players should spend game time… gaming. In character. As opposed to sit around and chat about movies I’ve never watched or run out to a grocery store in the middle of a game session to pick up a soda. Game time is a precious and limited resource, especially when work schedules eat into it, so the less time spent out of character, the better. That Liz is willing to spend some of her game time stirring the pot of chicken tacos is a large part of why I appreciate her cooking so much. Of course, the fact that it tastes delicious helps…

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