Episode 021: Respect

This was a rather short episode of Rho Pi Gamma. We discussed showing respect to your fellow gamers and to those outside of your game. We also talked about what makes a Good Gamer and a Great Gamer.


Episode Main Event: Respect…
GM Tips: What makes a Good/Great Gamer
Player Tips: None


3 Responses to “Episode 021: Respect”

  1. MY FAULT?! Sheesh! I see how it is! Well, I’m gonna make you eat your words! You want material? I’ll give you material!

    And yes, today’s episode was too short.

    You need to get Jay on for an interview. And then do a War Stories session with him as well. I’m sure he’d enjoy it.

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    On the flip side of showing respect is how to take disrespect. I couldn’t tell how many times my players have threatened fistfights because they felt another player disrespected them. As a GM and as a player, I do my best to make the games I’m in as fun as possible for all involved. Babysitting adults isn’t my idea of fun, so I generally stay out of player disagreements, but I draw the line at criminal activity. Responding to disrespect with threats of violence is not only bad form that mars the reputation of gamers everywhere, but it could land you in jail. As could stealing medical equipment. Fortunately, I find that the threat of voting with my feet is usually enough to defuse most situations.

    On the topic of episode length: I’m of the opinion that succinct is a good thing. If you don’t have an hour’s worth of content, don’t force it for the sake of making the show longer.

  3. Count Hong Says:

    Oh god. I was listening to this episode and paused it in the middle to take care of something. When I unpaused the first thing I heard was “I’m not gonna put my hand in Ozzy”. Lol 🙂

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