Episode 020: Cinematic vs. Realistic in Role-Playing

This week we are comparing Cinematic style and Realistic style of Gaming. We also discuss future plans for Rho Pi Gamma and a need for Feed Back.


Episode Main Event: Cinematic vs. Realistic
GM Tips: Future Plans for Rho Pi Gamma…
Player Tips: The need for Feed Back for Rho Pi Gamma…


3 Responses to “Episode 020: Cinematic vs. Realistic in Role-Playing”

  1. Jay VanGorden Says:

    As for realistic games, look at cyberpunk

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    When I hear “Cinematic vs. Realistic” I may as well be hearing “Fun vs. Boring.” But that’s me. Somebody else may take the opposite stance where the more realistic, the more fun. And everyone has their limits. Me for example, I can’t stand the D&D system where the chances of an expert in perception missing the obvious are very high like in the example you gave in this episode. Every game system has a lot of elements to balance, and none is ideal for everyone. The real challenge is balancing the players who each have wildly differing opinions on what’s fun and what is not fun. I can agree with Liz that PvP is not fun for me, but I don’t have her appetite for the emo-McMuffins.

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