Episode 019: Debate over the Role-Playing Stigma

This week we are reviewing a few articles from the site The Escapist. The Articles are Check for Traps: The Stigma of Role-Playing Must Die and Days of High Adventure: Satanic Panic. Highly recommend reading them!


Episode Main Event: Debate of the Escapist article “Check for Traps: The Stigma of Role-Playing Must Die!”
GM Tips: Know your stuff…
Player Tips: What you get out of Gaming…


2 Responses to “Episode 019: Debate over the Role-Playing Stigma”

  1. Wow, am I THAT bad? Gees! The pod casts now need to be longer. If music is going to be added, now the show just needs to last longer. I am getting to the end of the hour and like ‘WTF, I need more!”
    Another great episode, I’m glad I have influenced the conversations once again. I pride myself on being a ‘topic’.
    Keep them coming!

  2. Lucas Rampage Says:

    As a Christian gamer, I’m rather familiar with the RPG stigma. And that it cuts both ways. I’ve found the best cure for stereotypes is personal experience. Gamers can be anywhere from a skinny geek to a tank of a Navy guy. A cool cucumber to a temperamental convict who winds up back in prison (one of my D&D players). I totally agree that the RPG stigma needs to die.

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