Episode 018: Review of BESM

This week we bring Cyrus back to help us review Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd edition on the Tri-stat system! He also helps us out with the GM and Player Tips!


Episode Main Event: Review of BESM
GM Tips: What do you do when you have people not showing up…
Player Tips: Focus your character idea…


One Response to “Episode 018: Review of BESM”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    I was that player that boasted of breaking the d6 BESM system. The problem I had with BESM was the many ways you can exchange character points for more character points. Magic/Psionics: Exchange 4 character points for 10 “power points” that spend like character points with some limitations. Item of Power: exchange 2cp for 5 “item points” which again spend like cp. Personal Gear points could be converted into mecha points in a similar fashion.

    But “Own a Big Mecha” was the worst offender. 4cp for 20 mecha points. Then on top of that, with 6 levels of subordinate mechas, you spend 6 mecha points for up to 500 mecha points (50 mechs 10 points each. 1mp = 83.3sub mp. Bear in mind that’s MECHA Points. So 1cp = 416.7sub mp!) So my Protoss carrier could then technically be stacked with super transformation, allowing an army of 300 mini mechs (6 sets of 50 for each of the super transformations) each individually tailored with different powers. That’s about 3,000 mecha and sub mecha points to play with for the mere cost of 24 character points. And that doesn’t take into consideration scrounging more points with defects. Nothing in the book prevents this. Granted there’s a few restrictions on how you can spend those points, but come on…

    I enjoyed playing BESM, and since I shunned those mecha points in favor of the character concepts suggested by the GM, what wound up the most broken thing in the game we actually played was that may-as-well-be-a-nuke gun one of the other players had.

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