Episode 017: Interview with Nichole (Puff!)

This week we interviewed another Rare Female Gamer, our old friend Nichole “the Puff”! Plus she had some good ideas so I let her do the Shout Out, GM, and Player Tips!


Episode Main Event: Interview with Nichole
GM Tips: Keep it Simple…
Player Tips: Communication…


3 Responses to “Episode 017: Interview with Nichole (Puff!)”

  1. Nichole Says:

    Wow. I don’t sound like i hear myself when i’m actually talking. Though, that has to be the only recording of me i’ve ever liked.

    Thanks for having me on guys!! I had a blast and hope I was helpful to anyone listening out there!

  2. You will NEVER corrupt me, Sithspawn! LOL

  3. Puff, I want to play Resident Evil … that would be AWESOME!

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