Episode 016: Star Trek: TNG RPG Review

This week we had a bit of a technical oopsy… so we had to change things around a bit. So instead of reviewing BESM we are reviewing The Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG by Last Unicorn!


Episode Main Event: Star Trek: The Next Generation RPG Review
GM Tips: How to help set the mood or ambiance of a game…
Player Tips: How to help the GM with the ambiance of the game…


One Response to “Episode 016: Star Trek: TNG RPG Review”

  1. Awesome podcast. I believe some music is needed to separate topics. You could feature a different musical group each week. While this would make your podcast longer, adding music would certainly help break-up the constant talking (yes I know its a ‘talk show’, but even they have something to break up the show to change the pace) — even if it’s only a sample of thew song.
    And it may be even cooler to have a third voice on the podcast. Every good radio show (least the one I listen to) has a third personality to help add to conversations. Just a thought ……

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