Episode 015: Interview with Chris Salow

This week, we interviewed my old high school roommate Salow! Also, we got our Facebook Fan Page up! Check it out at Rho Pi Gamma Facebook Fan Page!


Episode Main Event: Interview with Chris Salow
GM Tips: Illusion of Free Will, How to Railroad the Plays Properly…
Player Tips: What to do With to Many Character Ideas…


One Response to “Episode 015: Interview with Chris Salow”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    The player who you allowed a rewind to keep him from derailing plot did something similar in a D&D game I ran. The heroes had just defeated a group of cultists and wanted to interrogate the sole survivor. His character was a neutral aligned druid who had shape-shifted into a bear. “My guy’s pissed off at those cultists and he’s hungry. So he’s going to eat that survivor,” he said. “We need him alive to interrogate so we can find the rest of the cult,” another player said. “My guy doesn’t care he’s going to eat that villain.” “My character DOES care and he’s going to stop your character!” “How’s your character know what my character’s going to do?! That’s metagaming!” “Well it’s hardly neutral aligned to just murder an unconscious person on a whim! That’s evil aligned! Especially considering it’s going to prevent the heroes from finding the cult!” Back and forth it went and the argument got more and more heated until threats of fistfights started being made. I lost my patience and told them I’m not a babysitter and told them to take it outside. As a DM I’m all for providing an environment where players can have fun, but certain character concepts just won’t fit into certain story lines. Then there’s other character concepts that just won’t fit into any story line. Like a trigger happy no-restraint gun bunny who wants to point his gun at even his allies right before a very dangerous rescue mission.

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