Episode 014: Exalted Reviewed

This week, we are going back to our regular schedule of things with Main Events, GM & Player Tips, “What we’ve been doing in Gaming!”, Shout Outs, etc. We hope to have our segments back soon too! Enjoy!


Episode Main Event: Review of Exalted
GM Tips: Don’t assume anything…
Player Tips: Don’t overthink things…


One Response to “Episode 014: Exalted Reviewed”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    No sooner do I listen to this episode than my brother goes on a rant about our D&D Eberon forum he runs because a) he figured the players would figure know the plot device was very obvious. b) the player over thought the plot device, worried that one wrong move with it would mean the end of the world. In his rant he cited the same example you gave of the two road signs “this way to doom” and “this way to rest.” Small world.

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