Episode 013: Special Birthday Episode!

This week is our Special Birthday Episode for our GM Byron’s Birthday!


Special Event: Favorite Gaming Moments with Byron by Liz, Derek, Cyrus, and Kasia
Episode Main Event: Review of D6 System
GM Tips: How do you keep focused on one story/game when you have dozens of ideas running around in your head? (by Chris Salow)
Player Tips: How do you do something in game when your dice say you can’t? (by Cyrus Norgard)

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Episode 013: Special Birthday Episode!”

  1. Question well answered! I must get on one of these pod-casts — and the other game I’m in is Dark Hersey (although Star Wars Saga WAS the Thursday night game Howard was running, which I am sad to see it wither and die).

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