Episode 012: War Stories with Scoville

This month we’re taking a break from GM Tips and Player Tips to bring you Gamer Jargon and “War Stories”. War Stories are us telling about our greatest (and lamest) gaming moments. We hope that you enjoy!


Episode Main Event: War Stories with Byron, Liz, and Scoville!

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Episode 012: War Stories with Scoville”

  1. oooh, I remember a war story — this was back from when jay was running D&D games at RMA.

    I had a young fighter who fought with a staff (he was a shepherd) his name was Christopher of Tonkh. And while exploring some castle he found a Black Suit of Plate Armor; being the only character who ‘wanted’ it, took it. He soon gained the nickname Tank, as that is the sound he made as he ran down the halls “tank, tank, tank, tank …”

    Later in that same game Tank bought a Staff of Lightning. And while recovering a piece of armor or sword (i can’t remember which, but it was a piece our Paladin needed) we came upon a sectioned off sewer. One player (Gilliland) went down into the sewer and found this object. Try as me might he couldn’t get it to budge. So Tank goes down and tries to help, eventually coming to the conclusion that his quarterstaff might work better. Not so much. A HUGE damage dice roll later Tank was brought to the surface in a sack. Thankfully Thacker’s character decided to become really religious and asked a god to restore me.

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