Episode 005: Memorable Characters

Hello out there in Gamer Land! Episode 5 of Rho Pi Gamma is up and ready for your listening pleasure! Though we believe we’ve solved most, if not all, of the sound issues, we are still working out some kinks. Mainly, this episode may be a little softer/quieter then before. We’re working on it! 😉


Episode Main Event: Creating Memorable Characters (PCs and NPCs)

GM Tips: (Building a New World) Inside Out vs Outside In

Player Tips: (New to the Fold) Working in the Group

Email Questions: “What do you do with players who use the justification ‘that is what my character would do’ to completely wreck or unbalance games?”

Hope you enjoy!

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


2 Responses to “Episode 005: Memorable Characters”

  1. Lucas Rampage Says:

    Muuuuch better sound quality! You guys are improving by leaps and bounds! 🙂

  2. SlowDown Says:

    Awesome Episode! I am looking forward to coming back and listening to further “words of wisdom and experience”.

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