Episode 004: Mass Battles

Hello Gamers! Thank you for joining us for a full month of Rho Pi Gamma! Once again, we know of some issues with the audio, we’re going to be testing out some new things this week and we’ll hopefully have those issues fixed before Episode 5!


Episode Main Event: Mass Battles

GM Tips: (Dealing with Player Archetypes) The Go-Getter

Player Tips: (How to Power Game the Right Way) What’s my motivation?

Email Questions: “What do you do when a player disagrees with your ruling or your handling of a situation and that player takes it to an extreme? They either sabotage the game, they stop the game to argue or, in the worst cases, leave altogether. What can you as a GM do to maintain your authority without seeming a jerk?” “How do you treat one-on-one RPing versus groups, what is a good size group, that sort of thing.”

Again, thank you and remember,
Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


4 Responses to “Episode 004: Mass Battles”

  1. Chaos kills more soldiers than enemy soldiers. Lose cohesiveness as a unit and the unit is cannon fodder. It is actually funny, in a sad way, to watch in in the field. I want to officially ask for the Tyches Games and Athena Anime shout out in the future. Based in Athens, Ga., Tyches games is my mecca. If you are there, drop in and play a game. I promise, you will not be disappointed. Still some sound difficulties. But good nonetheless. Topic for discussion: What do you do with a party that is unwilling or unable to go along with any plot? Every situation the players either want to smash and grab or simply enjoy derailing the game whenever possible? Also: What do you do with players who use the justification “that is what my character would do” to completely wreck or unbalance games.

    Good PodCasting.

  2. Hello, Howard Brandon directed me to your site.

    Interesting stuff, but the recording was not good, you kept cutting out and I lost quite a bit of what was going on.

    Loved Miss Manners for Gaming but get that lady a better microphone!

    To reach a larger audience you may wish to see about joining:
    or both!

    Good luck and hope to hear more from you in the future.

    • Welcome Gamer! Thanks for the input, we know we’ve been having audio issues and we’re trying to see about finding some better methods. I’ll pass things on to Miss Manners too. And thank you for the two website suggestions, I’ll look into them ASAP!

      Please join us again next week!

  3. Wow, if that latter part of the episode didn’t ring true ….

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