Episode 003: Gaming On-line

Alright Fellow Gamers, sorry for not posting anything before hand, but here is Episode 3!
And I want to thank our Special Guests, Rob and Sarah, for allowing us to record in their house and joining us on the Podcast!


Special Guests: Rob and Sarah Wall

Episode Main Event: Gaming Online

GM Tips: (Dealing with Player Archetypes) The Upstager

Player Tips: (How to Power Game the Right Way) Flaws: No One Is Perfect

Email Questions: “What’s better,” (or ‘In what situation is it better…’), “fitting a campaign to a system or a system to a campaign?” “How does one deal with a GM that is so in love with his or her own campaign that they disallow any deviation of the ‘plan’ by the players? ”

Hope you all enjoy!
Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


3 Responses to “Episode 003: Gaming On-line”

  1. Not a bad episode. Had some issues towards the middle with the sound doing something weird but other then that loved it.

    And no, I don’t fudge my rolls! My dice are just that awesome! And they have failed me when it counted too. But still I had to laugh when that came up lol. My d10’s hate me though. It’s only my d6 that show me love. *shakes fist at the d10’s*

    Anyway, great episode! Can’t wait for next week!

    • Yes, I know about the sound issues at the middle. We need to find something better to record with I think. That and we were recording on my lap top, NOT Liz’s desktop like we usually do.

      Well, we always did trust you, Nichole… most of the time. 😉 But thank you for the listening!

  2. its too bad the sound qaulity got bad there for a few minutes. I think I still prefer face-to-face, even though on-line allows you to be a bit more descriptive.

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