Valentines Day Episode

Alright Gamers! For our next episode, our main bit is inspired from St. Valentines Day! We’ll be doing “Relationships: In and Out of Character.” We’ll be going over the Pros and Cons of relationships for both Players AND their Characters.

Also, for our GM Tips, we’ll be covering the Player Archetype of the Munchkin! And for you Players, our Players Tips for Power Gaming: The Right Way, We’ll be covering Backstory: The Importance of Justification!

See you Sunday!

Roll High, Play Well, Die Hard!


One Response to “Valentines Day Episode”

  1. Nice session. I enjoyed the shout out. To be honest, I have chased one love interest through about three of your games so far. But you are correct. When it comes to many, most games, I refuse to be drawn into any love interests. As for the more intimate roll play. I have had a range from those who have no interest and run screaming to those who enjoy the more passionate side of gaming. There is always a risk there, a line that must never be crossed. For GMs, that is it. My rule of thumb is let players dictate their comfort levels, but always maintain control. As you said, the GM is responsible for maintaining order. But, love and relationships, as you said, are fantastic ways to draw a player in. What better than love to ensnare. A few comments or things to talk about. Rules: why, oh why, does everyone want to add armor bonuses to defense??? I always make the joke about the acrobat in the heavy plate. Now, I know, the explanation is that the higher defense means you are less likely to be hurt, not necessarily hit, but why not give a damage reduction. What does armor/shields do? They absorb damage? Roleplay: What do you do when a player disagrees with your ruling or your handling of a situation and that player takes it to an extreme? They either sabotage the game, they stop the game to argue or, in the worst cases, leave altogether. What can you as a GM do to maintain your authority without seeming a jerk? That’s something Byron and I should know about. 🙂 Interview: Ever thought of interviewing characters? Have someone come on as their character. If they were D&D, it could be funny since they would have no idea about modern life. Missed references. An Ork would spend time threatening to smash you. That sort of think. Improv comic. Just a thought. Radio stations have characters call in all the time. For now, that’s it. Love the cast BTW.

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